Colombia Nariño Fiesta

Cinnamon, Cocoa, Dried Fruit, Sweet

Region: Nariño
Varietal: Various
Process: Washed
Farm: Finca La Guamera
Altitude: 1800-2250 Meters
Grade: Excelso

Description: Nariño Fiesta is surrounded by high mountains and active volcanoes. Nariño offers a complex cup, mixture of citric flavors, fruit flavors, herbal taste, chocolate notes and caramel sweetness.

Finca La Guamera runs a mountain sidewalk along its length and involves men and women throughout the production cycle from preparation of the seedlings to the strict collection work where amongst men and women are responsible for collecting the ripe fruits that characterize and guarantee the physical and sensory quality of our coffee.

The farm is classified by its location in the mountains, as  "High altitude" attribute that contributes to high quality and cup profile.

The farm emphasize the preservation of natural resources, for product safety and food security of our client, the social responsibility to all those involved in the different production processes of the farm and to maintain and manage a reliable and traceable  information, thus ensuring responsible production.

There is an interdisciplinary group that seeks the permanent application on the farm and  its surroundings of Good Agricultural Practices GAP, is how we have involved a group of neighboring farms in the processes of GAP and coffee certification in order to show our customers a community that seeks responsible coffee production.

The farm always invites friends and strangers to join the process of continuous training on issues related to GAP, and also make training alliances with local and national authorities, that bring as result the continuous improvement of the Farm La Guamera.